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Sunday, 30 June 2013

RF@ work#Dating#Honeymoon#

Car racing on Sunday with Mr R again..Our passion, work and dating time on weekends..
Baby Redbull with us today to expose her Great Look! 
Car sponsored by Mr R in action today with Ken Erai as the Driver. 
I Love my weekends...Thanks Honey R...

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Work! Passion!

I've never thought to get involved in motorsport. before, my thinking was, Motorsport was very dirty and need to stand under the sunny day and your skin become tent.. but now, my perspectived has change, I also get involved with the motorsport activity after Knowing R. 
R is very good in pursuing people and me is a very good follower.. but im happy to get involved with this activity...thanks

Redbull in Action!!!


the day has come..everyone was waiting to see the newlyweds...wondering how the newlyweds would be? like a queen? ya maybe in other Malay words, 'Raja Sehari'... while in the brides room, the make up artist was trying to gave their full commitment to satisfied the brides... Final touch up had been made where the three layer veil has been putting on the brides hair..looks elegance and beautiful.. with Bismillahirahmanirrahim, first step to start the journey

Alhamdulillah..Finally my title change to Mrs. R..thank u R for giving me your 100% loves and thank you for being with me before and now forever Insyaallah...:)